The Scientology religion includes a ceremony to celebrate new parenthood and introduce a newborn to the world. The Scientology naming ceremony has a further importance for members of the religion. Scientologists recognize the immortality of the spiritual being as a fundamental belief and it follows that in starting a new life, a being can experience disorientation. It is therefore important to orient newborns to a new family and surroundings and bring them into communication with their family.

In the Scientology naming ceremony, a child formally receives his or her new identity, is introduced to their parents and godparents and resoundingly welcomed to the congregation.

The naming ceremony also reminds parents and godparents of their responsibilities, not the least of which is to impart their own hard-won experience and to provide guidance, while bearing in mind it is for each being to choose his own path in life.

The naming ceremony results in a being welcomed and oriented to his or her new life.  

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